Our Church

We come from all walks of life.  In our church you will find a diversity of people.  We are made up of teachers, contractors, doctors, nurses, students, small business owners, homemakers and retirees.

We have something in common.  We each share a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We worship Him together corporately.  We preach His Gospel.  We believe His power to change people.  We desire for others to know Him.

We are all about growth.  Growth is normal and expected so we are constantly encouraging and helping people to grow.  Because we know that people grow differently, we meet people wherever they are and help them take their next step.  No one here has “arrived,” so if you are not perfect yet, you will be right at home.

We welcome new people.  We strive to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible because we were there once before and some of us remember what it was like.