Merge Student Ministries

Merge Student Ministries

The youth ministries at Berean is called Merge.  Our young people meet together several times throughout the week to build meaningful relationship with other teens and help encourage one another to grow in the Lord.

Sunday School

The youth have their own LIFE Group class that meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.  Here they learn valuable truths that are applicable to them and their needs.  The desire of the leaders working with the youth is to make the Word of God alive and applicable in the twenty-first century.

Summer Camp

The youth are encouraged to attend summer camp each year.  Getting away from the normal distractions of life helps young people to be able to focus completely on their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Going to camp means the opportunity to make new friends, develop godly character, and grow closer to the Lord all while having a good time within a wholesome environment.

Youth Activities

The youth regularly have activities planned and scheduled that are designed to be both fun and wholesome.  The goal in having such activities is to teach our young people how Christians can have a good time together while still maintaining their Christian testimony.  Close bonds and friendships are often formed between the teens as they participate in the activities.

Service Projects and Activities

At times throughout the year the youth are encouraged to be involved in service projects and activities.  It is through these projects that our youth learn the importance of being a servant and serving others, while at the same time enjoying their ministry together with their friends and peers.  Our desire is to provide opportunities that help to develop well-rounded young people that will one day be leading the church of the next generation.