Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries

We believe that the most important unit in society is the family and as such have structured our church ministries to minister to the entire family.

Adult Sunday School Classes

One major aspect of the adult ministries are the Sunday School classes where meaningful relationships are formed and we have the opportunity to grow together in our relationship with the Lord.

Banquets and Fellowships

Several times during the year our Sunday School classes take the opportunity to get together to spend time having fun and enjoying one another’s fellowship.  From Valentine’s Banquets to Christmas Parties, we understand that it is in these real life moments that genuine relationships are forged and strengthened.

Men’s Ministries

Pastor’s Prayer Warriors

There is a group of men who minister quietly behind the scenes each and every week at Berean—they are the Pastor’s Prayer Warriors.  These men are dedicated to faithfully pray for our pastor and the ministries of our church each Sunday morning

Ladies Ministries

Titus 2

The purpose of Titus 2 is for our ladies to meet together to mentor and encourage one another.  Using Titus 2:3-5 as the model, the aged women are to perpetuate their faith in the lives of the younger believers.  Additionally, they also focus on ministering to our missionaries through various activities and projects.  Titus 2 also hosts special events for the ladies of Berean such as a Mother/Daughter Banquet and an annual Ladies Retreat.

The Titus 2 Ladies group also regularly hosts a church fellowship following the evening service several times throughout the year.  These fellowships are open to the entire church family, and are typically followed by a Titus 2 meeting where the ladies sometimes meet with a visiting missionary or plan a new service project together.

Ladies Bible Study

Each week a group of ladies meets together to spend time studying the Word and building relationships.  In this special time they not only learn life-changing truths from God’s Word, but also enrich one another through prayer and special fellowship.  The ladies also take time regularly to visit church members, friends, and family who need encouragement.